Where Complex InsureTech and FinTech technologies meet the simplicity and convenience of SaaS "Software as a Service".
Eliminate the hassle of development by allowing the Service to do the Heavy Lifting. By using Simple POST commands with preconfigured XML or JSON formatted files, development is limited to a simple request and and response command. The Request/Response are platform independent. Live examples are available below.
Single Sign-on as a Service (API).
Allows two different managed sites with different login schemes to authenticate user logins while maintaining security and privacy.

Click here for the complete API Documention and Sample Applications
Premium Finance as a Service.
Premium Finance as a Service is a complete toolbox for quoting premium financing. The Service conssist of a simple post command a using XML or JSON file. The response object returns the quote in either XML or JSON format.

Click here for a working example
DataMiner SQL Creation, Testing and Data Tool.
Easy web based application to query data from any database for use in reporting and integration such as data conversion or custom tables for email list exporting, analytics. etc.,
Exports SQL Data Tables to csv, xml, json, pdf and html tables.

Click here to view the sample application